Why Black ?

Traditionally, black signifies the unknown.  The absence of light

These are the early days in the understanding of the answer to addiction.  Addiction to everything.  It’s a way of thinking

Why Effortless ?

Effortless is the most important word to remember.  In the overcoming of addiction making things Effortless means, time just passes by.  The way you want it to

The book shows you what levels the tests are set at and what to do to get there.  This does involve not consuming


But why stop there ?  Why not own your ability to stop consuming at will ?  The Black Book will show you how

Think of your body as a vehicle, a car.  It’s what you use to move around in.  Most people would prefer lights and road signs to tell them what the road ahead is like

That’s what The Black Book does.  It signposts your way around alcohol or drug tests

Once you have learned, you will be safer and more in control

You will pass your test and do it fairly and you will know why.  It will be Effortless

Best of all, you can do it forever

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