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So, the truth was out there after all


when you looked far enough  

Someone had to write it down.  Pretty simple really.  Straight forward.  The reason why we got this way was from millennia of particularly thin information and the wrong stuff being passed

on and on and on …

Effortless will show you how to pass an alcohol or drug test for a very good reason 


It’s not naughty.  It’s a quiet voice in a very noisy space

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Effortless is a genuine intention to help the reader overcome their addiction or help them understand what is happening to their bodies.  Passing an alcohol / drug test is just part of it.  Whilst you are learning that, you will also learn how to do it forever.  

Q :  Which is more seductive – passing a one-off test or having complete control forever – or for as long as you want to ?  

There is a book with a very similar title (we bought a copy just to check).  To be fair, it describes the current state of the widespread lack of understanding of alcohol tests within the general public and in professional circles fairly well.  In our opinion there is no real information and about half of the book is blank pages (with ruled lines) for the reader to fill in themselves.  In other words, like most private individuals and public bodies the author of that particular book doesn’t really know.  At best, it does describe the current situation rather accurately.

Effortless is a book and a genuine intention to pass on useful knowledge.  It’s not a gimmick or a play thing.  It’s real. 

Ultimately, this came about after HJ Walker spent nearly a decade in family law searching for the right to see his own child.

Ordered to take may alcohol tests HJ realised the judges, barristers, solicitors, Cafcass and Child Services didn’t know how to read the results of their own tests.

These tests were being used without any meaningful understanding to deny HJ, along with  many other parents, access to his own child.

This led to a necessity to know what was really happening and from that HJ discovered the path to passing an alcohol test also led to a state of mind where the cravings for a buzz were no longer wanted, needed or useful.  A state of Effortless abstinence from alcohol that lasted … pick an number – any number.  Effortless lasts as long as you want it to.

Which in turn would work for any substance as what was being controlled was the body, not the substance being consumed.

The guarantee – you already have one with Amazon – that the book doesn’t just fall apart and will get to you in a reasonable time.

Are you thinking ‘If I buy this book I will become non-addictive  ovenight ?’    If you read it and try it out until you are content, then yes, it does work.

If you buy the book and just don’t try at all, of course it won’t work.  But, don’t give up straight away.  It could be you prefer to think about things first.  Maybe you are waiting for something to fall into place.  Don’t give yourself a hard time if it doesn’t work on your very first  attempt.

Yes.  If you are a really heavy user, your doctor will likely already know.  Check with them for your best approach to what you intend to do.

The research for the book and the discovery was made by HJ Walker.  Where Effortless is different from the public perception of addiction is that it is not seen as a bad thing to get drunk or wasted.

During the research for this book HJ went to many Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous etc. meetings.  Something he noticed whilst there, was the members would say things like ‘I’m an alcoholic and I have been dry for X number of years’.  Then without any reservation they would admit to getting wasted a few weeks ago.  What ?

The public perception of a recovering alcoholic is someone who has not had a drink at all for X number of years.  If they had a beer a few weeks ago then they’ve only been ‘Dry’ for a few weeks surely ?

The public perception of an alcoholic / addict is the only way to cure yourself is by admitting you are one of these ‘weak’ characters and never drink or use again until you die.  If you do that it’s seen as a good thing.

At AA, members admit to being an alcoholic then count from that day as that is the first day they were sober.  Yes it is confusing.  At AA if you ‘Fall off the wagon’ you just get back on it again but still count from your first day all those years ago.

If you do belong to an AA support group, stick with it.  The peace of mind from the familiar is a stability.  Effortless would still be useful though.  It will tell you what your body is doing to you to create the cravings.  It will help the time pass more easily. 

Effortless recognises that some people can consume much more than others and it helps them control their actions.  To own them.

So, with the AA it might be seen as a lack of self control or a weakness to get wasted but you are supported in your weakness until you become strong again. 

With Effortless, getting wasted is a target, that you choose.  You control it.  Interestingly, with effortless you will never fall off the wagon after you understand it.

Doing your first month is good.  Then you first 3.  Then your first 6 months.  The feeling of owning the control of your actions is like a very content, permanent buzz.  Then you understand.

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