Effortless is the product of almost ten years of research into addiction, mainly concerning alcohol.  Out of which came some very simple observations

It all started with alcohol testing.  Particularly common in Family Law and Employment Law

There are 3 pairs of numbers (6 in total) necessary to describe a very basic understanding of alcohol or substance use or abuse

Fairly astonishingly, the current professional understanding uses only 2 out of these 6 numbers

These numbers are necessary -

1) Zero alcohol.  If there is atmospheric alcohol (nail varnish, aftershave), what is zero alcohol ?

3) The level at which the tests are set in EtG, FAEE and CDT ?

5) The level that Judges, Lawyers, Cafcass, Child Services and Employers use to define a heavy user – 4 or 5 drinks a day

2)  What is this number in EtG, FAEE or CDT ?

4)  What is this number in units of alcohol ? 

6)  4 or 5 drinks a day – but what does that mean ?  What is this number in EtG, FAEE or CDT.  What is this number in units of alcohol (ethanol) ?

Only 2 of those 6 numbers are known by the people who order you to take a test

(the answers are all in The Black Book)

These levels need to be known in both units of alcohol / substance used and units of detectable byproduct after use.  3 pairs of numbers

These tests have been used for decades and although the actual science is likely to be accurate, the way the results are translated into ordinary daily or weekly alcohol usage is, at best, very misleading

The destruction caused to families and individuals in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia – anywhere these tests are being used without a clear understanding of their meaning is of course, incalculable

It’s not naughty, it’s simple.  The Black Book – Effortless is much more about understanding and healing than it is about how to get wasted or cheat a test

And when you pass, you’ll know why.  You’ll be controlling what happens.  To the way you want it

This widespread destruction needed balancing.  By someone who could actually be bothered.  It’s really not difficult

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