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  1. Hi there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility problems.
    When I take a look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping issues.
    I simply wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other than that, wonderful site!

    1. Wow, a real person. Can’t actually read your name. I haven’t updated the website for ages as I’m waiting to rewrite the book – and then launch it properly. This is dependent on other things.

      So, I’ve just left it to sit here in the ether. Didn’t think anyone had found it and wasn’t sure it was working. The website probably isn’t working exactly right and I’m not monitoring it that often.

      I am doing another 6 month Effortless (no alcohol at all). Just to be sure to myself that it definitely works. Which I’m certain it will. Then I’ll probably rewrite the bool and spend some more time on the site.

      Hope you are well and happy x

  2. Hi Amber,

    I used The Black Book – Effortless to effortlessly design my kitchen. I chose random words from the book and then used their nearest phonetic equivalent as a form of nominative determinism – so the word ‘CDT’ became ‘see the tea’ (keep tea at eye level) and so on.

    Then I had a rather challenging slice of curried coffee on toast. To represent the words ‘Cured’, ‘Cafcass’ and ‘Test’.

    That was supposed to be funny but it’s quite laboured ….

    Utility Sternbeater

  3. Hi Amber,

    I haven’t signed in to Elementor yet, so I’m not auto signed in as Version Faw. Elementor is the program within WordPress that lets you build websites. There are other programs that are more drag and drop but they are basicaly Elementor that has been tweaked and they are all paid.

    Ultimately I’d like to make a video of how to make a classy looking website for the least amount of quids.

    Currently I got the name – effortles.one for £10 a year and the hosting (it’s where you rent space on a server that is always switched on) for £4 a month (rolling 1 month only contract) . £60 a year, or £1 . 15 a week for the best video game ever. Limitless.

    Libidity Sandscratcher

  4. Hi Amber,

    If I write a new question / comment, I get a big icon. This should display at the top of the page.

    If I do a reply to a particular comment – it’s a smaller icon attached to the bottom of the original (big icon) comment.

    This is a new comment so should appear at the top of the page.


    1. Hi Amber Christie,

      I can easily delete any messages but there’s no one looking at the mo. If you sign in as Amber Christie it will appear.

      This site is not collecting email addresses or personal data.

      So I get to do live editing (so I know how it looks) and don’t have to save everything as unpublished.

      I don’t like the extra bits at the top and bottom of the page but I can’t find where to edit them yet.

      Just a few characters s//*$gh( sort of thing made the whole message part of the page appear, Jumbled up Latin to me but some things work and some don’t.

      All the best

      Oolon Caluphid (HJ to you Sonny Jim)

    2. Hi Amber,

      I have replied but my words didn’t go directly underneath your cooment, they were all added to Version Faw’s.

      Writing from Firefox (signed in with Chrome) so the website is asking for name, email etc. It doesn’t from Chrome.

  5. Hi Pam,

    if you ever get here, what do you think ?

    Can’t find the settings to remove unwanted extra bits. It’s so confusing that even if you can see stuff in the editor, it won’t let you change things, you have to go somewhere else.

    That and they keep updating stuff so old ‘How To’ videos don’t work any more ….

    Waaa .x.x.x.x.x.x.x

    1. It’s definately improving Col….

      I did get confused about one thing through.

      I read through to page 5 and somewhere I saw a ‘log in’

      I thought it was to do with Effortless but it was WordPress.

      Thought I’d mention it x

  6. Brilliant. Found out how to delete comments. I’m signed in (as Version Faw) so don’t have to repeat signing in.

    Off to do Tucker soon x

    MODERATOR – just editing a comment. Probably do Bold can probably do Italics

    1. OK Joe Smith, the page displays more than 5 comments in full – above the box where comments are submitted. It also (currently) shows a shortened version of the most recent 5 comments below the comments submission box.

      Well, it did do that, now it has changed to displaying the most recent message above the submissions box
      and the following messages below plus a shortened version – also below – below the full version …. does that make sense ?
      Also, it does not reveal the writer’s Email address or Website – where does this information go to ?

      1. It changes when you are actually writing a message to display only the message you are replying to above the comment entry box.

        That makes sense.

        Thinking – what is the point of having the summary list of the latest 5. Might be better to get rid of the ‘5’ altogether. If comments can be read and they won’t appear where I want them to then just have a whole page of comments. Maybe the latest 20 in total. There will be enough information there for new visitors to make sense of what has been said before.

  7. There is very little control in the settings over where these comments become visible – above or below the comment entry section. This seems to do both. The full version above, the summary below. Personally I think it could be clearer. Maybe do a harmonica type of thing.

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