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Effortless is a way of thinking about and understanding addiction

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Revision to The Black Book – Effortless –  Page 46, Paragraph 3, it is mentioned that for a hair test it may be possible to take a sealed packet of razor blades to the test location (or if the sample is taken at your home or work).

HJ Walker did another hair test recently (December 2019) and asked the sample taker about the use of razor blades to collect samples.

Even with the offer of a signed disclaimer, the sample taker refused to use a razor blade to take the sample.  The stubbly bits of hair that were left are about 2 – 3 mm long.

You may be relieved to know the hair sample is not taken from the fontanelle area – the place on the very top of your head where your hair grows the slowest.  It is taken from the arc between the fontanelle and the back of your head.  So, near the region where your hair grows the fastest, not the slowest.